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Important note: Please have appropriate identification available, such as a valid driver’s license, utility bill, property tax statement, job bid, or building permit, and present to the inbound scale operator for household hazardous waste, tires, and appliance disposal.

Solid waste is not restricted to Cowlitz and Wahkiakum Counties and no identification is required for solid waste disposal.

Waste collection and curbside recycling services are uninterrupted during holidays, except for Christmas and New Years Day. If your pick-up day falls on Christmas or New Years Day, then your garbage and recycling will be collected the following day for the remainder of the week.

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Facility Open 7 days/week. See link for excluded holidays and business office hours.

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Self-haul your waste in our enclosed transfer station. Check facility hours and types of waste accepted.

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Waste Collection

Contact your city or county to setup our waste collection and curbside recycling services.

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Many recyclables are accepted at our facility with drop-off and buy-back options.

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